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What Outdoor team building activities you can opt for?

As the owner or team lead of the corporate domain - it is no Greek for you to understand that - for a healthy and cultured office environment, how important team building is! According to data provided by independent research by Globoforce - almost 89% of employees state that their in-office team building is essential to better their work quality. So, what exactly are these outdoor team building activities that will help the workers bond?

Rather than scratching your head, how about scrolling down this article? That’s an easier, faster, and surely a better option for you! Here you go -

Outdoor team building activities for the workers

Here are some of the most-opted ones -


With the sit-in-throughout corporate structure taking a toll on one’s health, how about going in for some real physical activity that also strengthens bonds? Hiking in teams of two - led by the team leader on a specific trail, catching up on nature and sharing a drink and a picture or two is a great way to make sure that the team bonds well.

Rather, it is a very minute way - making two people bond and then increasing the capacity to include a couple more. Rest assured - you will have a credible team to treasure.

Scavenger hunt

In simple language, it is called Treasure Hunt, and it has a myriad of benefits that makes this game one of the best in terms of outdoor team building activities. Speaking strictly, this game involves hiding clues by the leader/head while the workers are divided into teams to search out those clues.

So, you may have a question - as to how this child’s game can help in team-building, especially one of that kind wherein that same bond would reflect in office work? As a matter of fact - this game sharpens the ability to handle a team as well as communicate precisely with the members. The key to success in an office space is - communication and handling of teams. Get the connection?

Team building activities - joint activities

There are multiple team-building activities that one can choose from. However, a smart choice would be that activity that has one goal and joint action and definitely is target based. Not everyone would agree or understand - target-based activities give a personal incentive to people to work towards a goal.

Choose from - combined plant potting (maybe a target of 70 saplings to be planted), flower pot decoration activity (a maximum of 25 pots to be decorated and, if possible, a sapling planted in them) , or building a charity wheelchair or bike (in this case teams should be divided with a set of specialists in each team).

The biggest positive of all these joint activities is that - all of them require the complete cooperation of the team members - a format to ensure that everyone cooperates towards a common goal and in the process, the self-centered attitude is negated.

Outdoor camping As adventurous as it may sound, one must note that - this outdoor camping is something that requires precise planning, alignment of the concerned members, and finally - an ample amount of patience when things go south. It is definitely one of the best ways to build up a team effort.

For starters, setting up a camp requires planning and collaboration between members. Next, ensuring that the supplies of that camp are packed up to meet one, and all’s requirements are the next step. This is not a one-man job scenario, and it requires the joining of the team members. Irrespective of their personal issues, the goal is the benefit of all the members - this is one activity that can help resolve conflict and result in the growth of team spirit.

Are you in a better place regarding the team-building activity? Hope your effort in creating the outdoor team building activities is met with a positive outlook! Keep trying!